Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pictorial Account of GHAJICT Executive @ BusyInternet on Friday 27/7/2007

So, a good meeting was had by all on Friday 27 July, 2007 @ BusyInternet. The following members of the GHAJICT Executive were present to pay dues towards the establishment of the Association of Ghanaian Journalists in ICT (GHAJICT).

Exhortations by the President to join the FACEBOOK Group of GHAJICT notwithstanding, the members pledged to do their best to join. Enoch Darfah Frimpong, and Isaac Tetteh are already members of the group, which you can visit here.

Each of the members paid a cool çGH15 (ç150,000) each, amounting to çGH60 (ç600,000).

From left to right: Fred Sarpong, PRO; Veronica Kwablah, Asst Treasurer; Mawutodzi Abissath, executive member

from left to right: Fred; Veronica; Emmanuel.K.Bensah II, Ag. President

E.K. poses with a chesire-cat grin

Fred--forever camera-shy!

Veronica, your smile is very becoming!


Mawu contemplates, Veronica poses

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ghana blogger/GINKs United in Action! FYI!!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some bloggers meet

Yesterday I went out with the GINKS secretariat to meet Emmanuel K. Bensah , one of the most fanatic bloggers in Ghana. I met Emmanuel through his blog. When we connected on facebook by mistake he had stated that we met in school, but actually the category 'met through their blogs' is missing...

It was very nice to exchange blog and vlog tips, and discuss the Ghanaian blogosphere which is too quiet according to Emmanuel. He is an author for the globalvoices for Ghana. This means that he reads about 15-20 blogs and when he thinks something is interesting for a global audience that doesn't know much about Ghana he forwards it to the editor, who then edits and puts it up the globalvoices site. This is a huge opportunity for bloggers to get known (this is how I found Emmanuel's blog) and to be crossposted to a wider audience. He told us globalvoices now has a feed into the Reuter's Africa site. On each country page there is a feed with blogposts, see the example for Ghana. We discussed ways of leveraging the GINKS vlog with ICT4D stories, a possible blogmentoring project and tried to start a Ghanaian vloggers group (so far with 3 members :). I forgot to ask whether the Ghanaian bloggers ever meet.

We had a good brainstorm about the developing of ICT uses in Ghana. Emmanuel was very enthousiastic about his GPRS phone which allows him to connect to the internet by mobile phone. It is not extremely expensive and you can set it to see what you used. When he's offline, he uses his onetouch pay-as-you-go subscription to check and reply to mails and even to go to facebook. I still have my video-ipod dream (in combination with videoblogs) . Mobile television is coming through ghana telecom/onetouch. So enough work for GINKS...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

pls add your names to FACEBOOK!!

have created the group on FACEBOOK.com. This is an exceptionally interactive social networking tool...

Thursday, July 12, 2007



BusyInternet, Ring Road




n               Ruby Amable, Ag. VICE-PRESIDENT

n               E.K.Bensah, Ag. PRESIDENT

n               Fred Sarpong, Ag. PRO



·         Mawutodzi Abissath, Executive member

·         Emily Aggrey, asst Treasurer

·         Veronica Kwablah, Treasurer

·         Listowell Fordjour, Secretary



  1. Follow-ups:
    1. Emily on Finances
    2. emmanuel on registration form on website
    3. ruby on contact with parliamentary corps (for ict bills)
    4. fred on list of invites, or pssibilities from list sent


  1. status of meeting
  2. outreach with ginks(.org)
  3. aob


1. Follow-ups:

    1. Emily on Finances

·         Emily had earlier sent an eml explaining that only her and Ruby had paid. Mawu had promised money, but had not taken it yet

·         Recommendation:

o        Emmanuel will pay GHC30.00 (ç300,000) to cover two quarters July-ending

o        Executive must provide deadlines on payment

o        Ruby can pay GHC15.00 (ç150,000) by end of July

o        Prospective amts:

§         Veronica – GHC15.00

§         Listowell – GHC15.00

§         Fred        -- GHC15.00

§         Mawu    --GHC15.00

TOTAL: GHC105.00 (ç1,050,000)


    1. emmanuel on registration form on website

·         only Enoch has signed the form through the GHAJICT blog. Even members of the executive are yet to do so!


    1. ruby on contact with parliamentary corps (for ict bills)

·         according to Fred and Ruby, there are some bills on e-governance that have not yet been laid before parliament

·         Ruby can obtain copies of e-communications bill

·         Suggestion to check National Communications Authority(NCA) website

·         Catch about the e-comm's bill is that World Bank is sponsoring a number of them; as per usual, providing conditionalities


    1. fred on list of invites, or possibilities from list sent

·         Fred will take a look at the list again, and prune them

·         Will invite (almost) all from ICT industry


  1. status of meeting

·         this is a pre-strategy meeting

·         we STILL might need to have an online meeting

·         we WILL assign roles and responsibilities to the LAUNCH for 20/25/27 th July

·         we WILL memorialize registration, and assign a "digi-cammer" to take a picture

·         recommendations:

o        invite Radio Gold's Isaac Tetteh and Mutala Muntari

o        send eml invite to Isaac



  1. outreach with ginks(.org)
    • tba


  1. aob
    • add Isaac Tetteh to GHAJICT list-servc
    • GHAJICTERS should begin to think about submitting feature articles to Graphic
    • Emmanuel suggested articles in Sunday World paper, since they have a section on ICTs
    • Let's encourage and follow Mawu's example of having works published on ICTs
    • On registration:

                                                              i.      Speak to executive

                                                            ii.      Commit them to pay GHC15.00/GHC30.00 every month till month-ending

    • Re-think incumbent secretary's constraints on getting to meetings (he works in Tema!)

                                                              i.      6 July @ 6pm – online meeting

                                                             ii.      13 july – online

                                                           iii.      20 july—physical meeting

                                                          iv.      27th july—come with commitments /…and money!

                                                         v.      we launch association in august 2007!