Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ag.President of AJICT-Ghana Appointed to Interim Steering Committee of newly-established Africa Media Forum for Geospatial Information Systems (AMFGIS)

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia--(20 Sept, 2012). Running along the heels of the October 2011 meeting that took place in Abuja, where Executive Member of AJICT-Ghana Mawutodzi Abissath was appointed to the ECOWAS Network of Science Journalists (ENSJ) steering committee, Ag.President of the Association of Ghana Journalists in ICT Emmanuel.K.Bensah Jr is in Addis to learn and obtain capacity-building on science journalism, and report on the launching of the East African Network of Science Journalists.

Prior to that, Mr.Bensah was involved in a Training of Trainers on two days of training aimed at improving the quality of geoinformation, Geospatial Science and Technology reporting and the impact of this area of work on the livelihood of African citizens.

According to a press release of the UN Economic Commission for Africa(UNECA), the first of its kind, the two-day training of trainers was organized by the ICT, Science and Technology Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), with participants hailing from western, southern and eastern Africa.

Director of Penplusbytes and chair of the meeting, Kwami Ahiabenu said that all over Africa, technology is playing an important role in transforming life, society and economy of its nations. He underscored that Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) are becoming important tools for effective and efficient strategic planning and decision-making processes at all levels, ensuring development and growth is a reality for all citizens.

A number of recommendations were adopted to promote Geospatial science journalisms for sustainable development. One of the significant points of the meeting was the establishment of The African Media Forum for Geospatial Science and Technology, in which Emmanuel K Bensah Jr has also been appointed as a member of the interim steering committee. Members are required to promote the creation of National Geospatial Science Journalists Association in their respective countries.