Thursday, May 29, 2008

MINUTES OF GHAJICT MEETING on 27 March, 2008 at Busy Internet, Ring Road (Belated)

Many thanks, Nana Appiah!--EKB


Busy Internet, Ring Road




n               Nana Appiah, EXECUTIVE MEMBER

n               E.K.Bensah, Ag. PRESIDENT

n               Fred Sarpong, Ag.PRO



  1. state of play:
    1. GHAJICT Logo (costs, etc)
    2. registration of ghajict
    3. contacts pro has collected for launch
  2. recommended action for launch
  3. aob




  1. GHAJICT Logo (costs, etc)
    1. Emmanuel started off first by enquiring from the others whether Veronica has been able to get things going with the Association logo and letterheads. Comments had been made a few months back on the GHAJICT list-serv, but nothing had ensued. It was agreed it was important to pick up.
    2. since time is of the essence, Vero should try as much as possible to maintain regular contact with members on what efforts she has made on the logo.
    3. Emmanuel said he would hook up with Vero to see how best the logo can be done—and how quickly.


  1. registration of ghajict
    1. Members need to act in order to make the Association a legitimate one
    2. Emily Aggrey is in charge of ensuring that members pay their dues promptly so that Association can go ahead and be registered
    3. Emily needs to provide feedback on what has happened with the registration, as well as necessary future steps


  1. contacts pro has collected for launch
    1. contacts are ready


2. recommended action for launch

a. Delegation of roles to each member towards the setting up of the Association

b. encouraging GHAJICTers to register with to enhance activities of GHAJICT

c. deadline date for all payment dues was set for 1st week of May


    1. GHAJICT preparation towards World Telecom and IS Day on 17th MAY, 2008
    2. Nana Appiah was charged to register GHAJICT with ECOBANK. ECOBANK needs the Association registered before it can accept the application
    3. Nanna Appiah was appointed as secretary as Listowell Fordjour is studying





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